Monday, April 14, 2008

Everyday Life Here in Russia

The other day when I was coming home from my Seminary Wives group I saw this man passed out on the grass. He was most likely recovering from a long drinking binge. The sad thing is that I see this pretty often here. The other sad part is that no one really cares or even does anything. I mean, what if he was dead? Who would know?

The other evening Jon and Josiah were outside and a drunk man came up to Jon to ask for the time. Jon says he was so wasted. Jon told him the time and then the man asked him if it was morning or night time. How sad.

There are days when I question how wise it is to be raising two boys in this kind of environment but I know that there are great lessons to be taught. The depravity of man is everywhere. Here in Russia it is all out in the open.....drugs, drinking, promiscuity, back in the States it is all done in private.


Melissa said...

wow that is incredible. i felt the same way when we were in scotland on a missions trip. every night we would take the bus home and there were so many drunk people on the bus. one night there was even vomit on the top floor from someone who had thrown up b/c he was so drunk. it was so sad, just like you said, to see people that are wasting their lives away with that sin. thanks for letting me know how i can pray for you!

Lauren said...

Hi Natalie, I totally remember you! Thanks for leaving a comment. I will look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for your encouraging words. Lauren