Thursday, October 2, 2014

Los Angeles County Fair

Our first field trip of the year was to the L.A. County Fair and it was all FREE!!! They have a great homeschooling field trip option where you can attend the fair before it opens to the public from 9 a.m. - noon and the entrance and parking are free. Your children can also fill out book reports and receive free passes for rides.

We met up with some friends from our PSP. We were looking at sharks here.

There are several exhibit halls. Here we are in the "Heroes" hall. We spent a lot of time in here.

Huge petting zoo. There are over 100 animals in this corral.

Nathan got to milk a goat!

We spent a lot of time in the Big Red Barn petting animals, milking goats, and looking at a bunch of farm animals.

Must be a boy thing but we spent about 45 minutes watching the blacksmiths.

Time for school, kids!

Cute little calves! This one had huge dark eyes.

This was our favorite....pig races and duck races! So funny!!

This was our very first time at the fair and we can't wait until next year. We plan on taking Jon with us next year and hanging out all day. There are so many things that we didn't even get to do so we'll definitely get to them next year.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Day of Fifth Grade

I realize I am super late on this post but I guess I've forgotten about my blog a bit. Jojo also started his first day of school on August 18 as a fifth grader! I can't believe it, time is just flying by.

Jojo loves going to PSP on Fridays at church. He has made some great friends and is doing real well. His classes include Writing, Math Games, Art, and Science. There is also chapel time with singing and a sermon.

He has quite a heavy load of schoolwork this year but he is being a real trooper and working into the afternoon to get all his work finished. His subjects include:

MATH : Saxon 6/5
SCIENCE : Apologia Land Animals and Science at the Y
PHONICS : Phonics Pathways
BIBLE : AWANA T&T Handbook #2
SPELLING : Natural Speller
READING : He reads various books, he's currently reading Lassie, Come Home.
HANDWRITING : He's working on a cursive workbook
GRAMMAR : Daily Grams
GUITAR : Lessons with dad
SOCIAL STUDIES : Rod and Staff's Understanding Our Community
P.E. : P.E. at the Y
ART : Art class at PSP
WRITING : IEW's All Things Fun and Fascinating

It's shaping out to be a full year but a fun one!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Day of Second Grade

August 18 marked our first day of school and Nathan's first day of second grade. We continue to homeschool but this year we joined our church's homeschool private satellite program. The boys attend classes on the campus of our church every Friday. So far we all love it. While the boys are learning I get to take part in a "mom's time". We basically have a 4 day school schedule at home, which makes our days a little longer than what we were used to but so far it's going well.

Nathan thought 2nd grade would be really hard but so far he says it's pretty easy! He's also enjoying homeschool P.E. and Science at our local YMCA. Thursdays he takes tumbling classes at the YMCA also.

It's going to be a busy year but we are all looking forward to it.  Lately I've been asked a lot about  our curriculum so I thought I'd post it!

MATH: Saxon 2
SCIENCE: Class at PSP and the YMCA
PHONICS: Explode the Code 5 and Phonics Pathways
BIBLE: Sparks AWANA handbook
SPELLING: Natural Speller
READING: He reads various books each week depending on what he is studying
HANDWRITING: Writing With Prayer
GRAMMAR: First Language Lessons
GUITAR: Lessons with daddy
SOCIAL STUDIES: Rod and Staff's Understanding Our Community
P.E.:  Classes at the YMCA

The best thing about homeschooling is that if something is not working out then you have the freedom to make some changes! So far it all seems like a great fit.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Water Fight Party

We celebrated Jojo's  birthday with a Water Fight Party! It was our first "party" in America. Thankfully it was a big hit and Jojo and his friends had a fun time.
The party started off with a good old water gun fight.

We also played some water games.

We also had a slip n' slide. Some of the boys got real competitive.

The boys were hungry and enjoyed some pizza.

Of course it's not a party without cake!

Such a fun group of boys! So thankful for them all.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pine Mountain Club

Last week we were able to head up to our local mountains and get away for a few days. My husband's boss owns a darling cabin and he was gracious enough to let us use it.

The cabin is located west of Frazier Park in a small town called Pine Mountain Club nestled in the hills and surrounded by pine trees. The cabin itself is a true "log cabin"! One of the best parts is that we were pretty much disconnected from our electronic devises since internet usage was very limited. I have to admit it was pretty nice!

We played Jenga.....

we also discovered Apple to Apples....

Nathan spent most of his time on this swing.....

no explanation needed.......

the boys were arrested.......

we enjoyed some amazing pastries at the Bear Claw Bakery.....

and best of all we just took it easy!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Los Angeles Public Library : WHY WE LOVE IT!

When we returned from Russia last year one of the first things we did is to get the boys acquainted with our local public library.
The boys were so excited to have their own card.

I have to confess that we have pretty much been at the library every single week since! Sometimes we are there twice or even more a week. So, here are some reasons why we love the library so much.

I know, I know. That one is obvious. Not only do the boys have a blast finding books to read but I do too. I've expanded my reading genre quite a bit this past year and I am really enjoying all the books I'm able to borrow. The boys check out a lot of story picture books since daddy reads every night to them. Sometimes we bring home over 20-30 books!

2. DVDs
There are so many great DVDs we're able to check out. You can only check them out for 2 days but you can renew them online for an extra 2 days. Educational DVDs you can have out for 7 days. We've recently discovered that the other local branch in Porter Ranch has a way better selection of DVDs.

LAPL.ORG is so convenient. Online I am able to search for books that my local library doesn't have on it's shelf. If I put the book on hold it is then delivered to my library. I then get a reminder email to let me know the book is waiting for me at my local library. I also get reminder emails when a book/DVD is going to be due. Plus you can renew books online.

Every week or so the library has a special movie, craft time, and even reading to the dogs on the first Saturday of every month. We don't really go to the movies but Jon did take the boys to a puppet show one time. And last month the boys read to the dogs!

Naynay reading to a dog

Jojo doesn't love dogs but he was happy to do it anyway.

During the summer the library puts on a reading program for children and teens. This year it's called "Paws To Read" and the boys received a chart to fill in as they read along. You color in 1 paw for every 1/2 hour of reading and you color in 1 ball for activities that you do. I'm proud to say that the boys have completed their chart early! YAY!!! It's been a great incentive to encourage them to read.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mason Park-Splash Pad


We recently visited the Splash Pad at Mason Park in Chatsworth. I didn't even know it was there.....I found out about online somehow. When we first arrived there weren't so many kids playing in the Splash Pad but there were a ton of "summer camp" kids hanging out in the shade. Around noon all the kids invaded the Splash Pad!

It's actually real clean!

Just hanging out.

There's not a whole lot of shade but we found a decent spot to sit and eat our lunch. The boys were a bit cold so they asked to sit out in the sun.

The boys and their friend.