Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Day Out With Josiah

The weekend before our trip to Israel, Josiah and I went and did some souvenir shopping near the river. In order to get there we took the Tram. I got on the wrong number and then had to take two more to get to our destination.

Once mommy finally figure out how to get to the correct stop, we began our walk to the river front. On the way there we stopped by the Lenin Statue at Revolution Square and took a few photo shots.

So we finally made it to the river front and found some good deals on some souvenirs. Josiah wasn't too crazy about taking more pictures. It was pretty warm and muggy and I think he was a bit tired of all the walking.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes Kate and Luke hear the camera beep and run now! I guess 3 years of a flash in your face gets old! Ha! Love, Cori