Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day Jon

Ten Reasons Why I Think My Husband Is A Great Daddy:

10. He has the patience of a monkey mama. You know how at the zoo the baby monkeys are always picking at their moms and hanging all over them and the mamas just sit there and do absolutely nothing.........well that is what Jon's patience is like.
9. He taught Josiah how to make great car noises.
8. He is a hands on type of daddy. He isn't afraid to get down and dirty and change diapers, wipe butts, give baths, feed the baby, etc., etc., etc.
7. He lets Josiah pick the movies when Jon and him watch movies together. Even though Jon would prefer not to watch Miss Pattycake (or Miss Spazzycake as I like to call her), Thomas the Tank Engine Movie (not the animated type ones but the one with Alec Baldwin and Peter is terrible), or the Care Bears Movie, Jon will still defer to Josiah and just watch it along with him.
6. He always makes sure that the boys faces are clean.

No seriously he does, he is actually a bit obsessed about clean faces.
5. He is great at trimming the boys fingernails and toenails. Actually Josiah prefers that daddy trim his nails.
4. He lets Josiah go along with him in the car whenever he has to go run an errand.
3. He is the one who puts Josiah to bed and follows the nightly routine of reading a book, giving him a drink of water, praying with him, and he even lies down with him for a little bit.
2. He doesn't mind wearing matching shirts with Josiah.

1. He is the Godliest example I know for my two boys to follow!


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to Jon!!
Yes, he is an exmple for all of us.... =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day Jon! I hope you had a great day!
Not too much going on here! I will update the blog tonight! Much love to yall! Cori

michael said...

Natalie~This post reveals more that we have in common. One is that Anna prefers that Mikey does her nails too because "Mommy doesn't do it right!" Can't wait to "meet" you at the weekend. Emily