Thursday, June 19, 2008

Israel, here we come!


Well we are all very excited around our home today. Tomorrow is our big trip to Israel. We fly into Frankfurt, Germany and will have to stay the night there. Then on Saturday afternoon we fly into Tel Aviv. Israel isn't too far from us and it is only a 2 hour time change so getting adjusted won't be a problem for us. I am not sure what our web access will be but I have scheduled some posts to publish while we are away. We are really looking forward to this missionary conference and having fellowship with the other missionary families. I look forward to posting a lot of great pix from the Holy Land.


Melissa said...

cute pictures!!
WOW have fun!! lots and lots of fun. i've never been to israel so i hope to hear all about it. you will have to post lots and lots of pictures, ok? :)
that's so great that the time change is only 2 hours. especially for sleeping for your boys. and that your traveling time is pretty minimal.
have fun! and bring back a full report!!!!
oh and when are you coming to the states? we shall have to have a playdate or two if you have time!!

Anonymous said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip!!! :)
We will praying for you guys!!
Love, Cori and the crew

Anonymous said...

have a good trip, sis =)