Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nathan's Favorite Spot

In our home we all have a favorite spot.
Josiah loves to hang out on and by the window sill in our living room. Here he plays with his dinosaurs, cars, trains, and shoots the cars going by with his gun.
Jon's favorite spot is his desk. Here he studies, reads, and plays with his toy......the Mac.
My favorite spot would have to be the kitchen table. Here I WOULD scrapbook if I had the time.
Nathan's favorite spot is under the kitchen table. Here he bites Josiah's toes, gets kicked in the head by Josiah's feet, eats all the crumbs that fall to the floor and basically he just hangs out. The second I grab the camera to take his picture he makes a mad dash towards me! One day I will get a better pic!


Melissa said...

that's SO funny b/c cael loves to go under the kitchen table too. maybe it's b/c they're boys and love to explore! i have been scrapbooking lately-just getting back into it. it's so hard tho to find the time!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Luke's favorite spot would be sitting on his boppy! (or his crib)
Kate's I would say our chair by the tv. She can cuddle with whoever is sitting there and relax

Anonymous said...

My sweetty... =)

Natalie said...

What's up Christina? You never SMS'd to let me know you got there safe!!!