Sunday, June 1, 2008

She's left us and is getting married!

Christina and Shenya.....the one who took her away!

Christina and Josiah cruising on the volga.

Well my dear friend and babysitter has left to Ukraine. Christina is one of the few Russian friends I have here. This past week I have cried about it every day. Even though I am so happy for her, I am also selfish and would prefer that she remain here.

This is the first night Christina babysat for us.....some friends had to come also to make sure Josiah would be happy!

Christina is a really godly young woman and desires to worship God with her life. She is also a little on the crazy side like me and I have enjoyed our silly conversations and text messages. She met a wonderful man and she will be getting married in the next few months. We are really going to miss her so much. I know she will be back to Samara to visit but it won't be the same.
I wish her all the happiness and will not cease to pray for her and her future husband. This is a part of ministry that I have always disliked.......the good-byes!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your friend left :(
Its got to be hard!
Love, Cori

Melissa said...

i know the feeling!! that's such a part of life here at grace too. just when you get attached to someone they either leave to get married, go to the foundry, or graduate from seminary and move to another state/country. at least we'll see them in heaven!

azuremle said...

Thanks for the wee window into your heart thru this post. We'll be arriving in Tel Aiv at 2:30 am on Sat the 21st with both kiddos! Crazy! Will your boys be with you?

Natalie said...

Yes Emily we will have both our boys there. I am a bit nervous about leaving Nathan behind when we go on our excursions. Josiah won't have any problems....actually he can't wait and today we started a countdown to Israel. Thankfully we fly into Germany and will stay there overnight in a hotel and then arrive at a "normal" time in Tel Aviv. One plus is that for us the time change is only 2 hours so we won't be struggling to adjust.

Julie Lamey said...


It is always hard to lose friends, especially when that friend has probably made your transition to living in Samara a little easier. But the Lord will continue to be faithful to give you just what (and who) you need. We will be praying for your travel and hope you have a great time at the missionary conference!


Natalie said...

Thanks everyone who took the time to encourage me and empathize with how I have been feeling!

Anonymous said...

Stop be sad, sis, or I'll give u spanking ))))))