Saturday, July 26, 2008

Did somebody say road trip?

On the 18th we left for our Oregon road trip. The purpose was to visit two churches and since we were on the road we also made a stop or two at some special places (more to come on those). On the 18th we made our way on the boring 5 interstate and stopped overnight in Sacramento. Then on Saturday we headed towards Applegate, Oregon to visit the Johnsons and their church. We even made a stop at a dear friend of mine......I have known her since I was 19. We met at the pediatrician's office where I worked for 10 years. The road trip in general went well. Nathan had several meltdowns but Josiah did better than I thought he would. Jon was a great driver and I got a bit of reading in. Here are some pictures from our trip on the way to Applegate.



gale said...

hey - we are only exit 206 in washington.....make it a real road trip and come on up!!!!!
love, gale

Natalie said...

Yeah, o.k. Gale, but any extra hours I think would drive me insane!!

gale said...

Yes...but our house is an insane asylum!!! Don't forget there is Sean, Mo, David, myself, Maggie, Calvin and Rebecca (a girl from our church who lives with us). Four more would make the place all the merrier!!!