Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why Ask!

Last night we sent Josiah to the bathroom before putting on his p.j.'s. When he came out he was trying to tell us something but we didn't understand him. So we asked him to show daddy. He was saying "soap" but since his "s" sound hasn't come in yet it sounded different. After a few questions he communicated to us that he had put the bar of soap in his underwear. Huh? Yep, for some weird reason he had put the bar of soap in his Lightning McQueen undies. So, we asked why? He responded "A". No, Josiah not the letter "y" but why did you do that? No answer, he just laughed about it. Weird kid. At least his undies smelled good.


Melissa said...

so cute! he's getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Boys are silly for sure! No telling what Luke will come up with!
Love, Cori