Monday, September 1, 2008

Glad To Be Back In Samara

Ten Reasons Why I Am Thankful To Be Back In Samara

10. The bargain bins at our Kopeaka grocery store every Thursday.
9. Long walks.
8. Text messaging with Heather (depending on whether or not her husband gets her another phone this semester.)
7. Riding on Josiah's favorite public transport..........the tram.
6. Looking forward to meeting the new "Seminary Wives".
5. Excited about teaching the little tots at church in Russian and English(so Josiah and Nathan can partake).
4. Can't wait for the Moorheads to arrive. They will be our upstairs neighbors! I can't believe it and Josiah will have 5 play mates and I will have a friend right is almost too good to be true.
3. Excited about doing small group again this year.
2. Studying Russian again...........I think I am thankful about this.
1. And lastly I am just so happy not to be traveling for a while and having it be just our family!


Melissa said...

yay! i'm so glad that you returned safely!!

Anonymous said...

I would have gone nuts traveling that much! I am sure you are happy to be in one place for some time! Good to see you are getting friends upstairs! What a blessing! Love, Cori

Julie Lamey said...

I know you are glad to just be home with your own family and not be toting everyone all over the place. We so enjoyed having you here and our time with you, but there's no place like home!

jef said...
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