Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pioneer Day

Sometimes finding things to do when we visit Iowa are hard to come by but my friend Tanya told me about the Nature Center in South Dakota having a pioneer day. So, we headed out over the border into S.D. and went to the Nature Center. Normally Josiah isn't big on stuff like this but I bought him a disposable camera so that he could take pix. The camera trick worked. He didn't complain even though the day was super hot and super sticky. It was actually kind of fun since the Nature Center is also located on a former working farm. Josiah got to make a candle, a necklace, and a rope. We got to go on a tractor ride. We also got to taste test some food items that the pioneers would have prepared. And we got to see some pretty cool old farming equipment. Nathan enjoyed the ride and he got a real kick out of the chickens. Nathan just adores animals. He gets the biggest smile when he sees them.

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cori said...

Too cute! I love Nathan's smile!