Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who taught Josiah how to lie?

Lately Josiah has picked up lying. Jon and I hate it of course. The way he lies is quite creative but maybe most parents can relate. For example, I tell him to go eat his lunch and he then says "Daddy say I don't eat lunch now!". HMMMMM, that is pretty funny because daddy isn't home. The other day I told him to do something and he then said "Grandma say no". Wow, I didn't know he could hear grandma all the way from the States. The best one was when I asked him to do something the other day and he said "Naynay (Nathan) say I don't do it". That one was a classic because Nathan can only say momma, daddy, hi, and up. Some people say that children are not born with sinful natures but we are witnesses every day that they are. I was thinking the other day when I was walking home from the store that in reality I can do the same thing also, except that I put a different name on it ....... I make up excuses for things I don't feel like doing. For example "I'm too tired", or "I'm too busy", etc. I like to think that I am not leading by example when it comes to the lying thing but after examining my own heart I may just be.

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