Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A night at the philharmonic.

This past Sunday evening Jon and I joined the rest of our team for an evening at the philharmonic. Brad's (our team leader) Russian teacher recommended that we go watch this trio of gypsies. For the most part gypsies here have a terrible reputation and so the language teacher thought it would be good to be exposed to a positive and different view of gypsies. It was really interesting and for the most part Jon and I really enjoyed the music. It was also nice to have an evening out without the boys, which is something we don't do enough of. When we lived in Novosibirsk we visited the local theatre a lot with our neighbor Nadia. She really exposed us to a lot of Russian music and art. For some reason though we haven't taken the opportunity in Samara to go to theaters or museums. Hopefully that will change soon.


Ben and Melissa James said...

That book I was talking about is supposed to come out in March.

Cori said...

What a fun night!
You have been tagged! Read my blog :)