Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Street Work

One morning last week Jon and the boys were eating breakfast and Jon heard that his car alarm was going off so he looked out the window and saw that some workers were setting it off to get his attention. So, he went downstairs and moved the car.

We had been having water problems. Like no hot water one day and then no cold water for two days (making the toilet situation quite lovely). Obviously they were there digging up to resolve the problem which took them all day to figure out. The funny thing is watching them work because one guy will be doing all the digging while 10 others stand around crossing their arms and watching.

At least all the equipment provides some great entertainment for the boys.

The hole gets bigger!

Well the hole is still there covered up by a ton of dirt with a flimsy plastic string around the work zone to keep people away from the area.

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Melissa said...

how funny that they set off your car alarm so you would move it.