Friday, November 7, 2008


Josiah can be a bit "particular" about some things. Kinda like his daddy. They both fold their napkins the same way, they have a "special" place for certain belongings, they like order, and a bunch of little other things that I have to laugh at. I guess Josiah is just doing what every little boy does..........look up to their daddy and do everything daddy does. On this day I had bought Josiah Spiderman tights which he loved. He had also found an ad on the back of one of his Bob the Builder books for a Bob the Builder game for his Gameboy. And he was being quite possessive about his Gameboy. So he decided to carry all 3 items around all day long. At this point he had set his possessions on the kitchen counter so he could eat lunch. I couldn't resist and I took a picture. There are many more Josiahisms and so I will blog about them later. Maybe I should do some Jonisms too but I don't think he would enjoy that too much.


junglekiwis said...

I love hearing about your boys - a little peek into their personalities when we are so far away!

Melissa said...

SO cute! it's great to watch them grow and develop personality.

Cori said...

Jay would enjoy Jonisms! Ha!
Kate always has some type of princess with her.
Or a purse... or shoes.. The list can go on and on :)
Luke, he is a simple guy right now. If he has his duck and paci, he is good!