Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We got our tree!

Yay, we finally got our tree and it is a beautiful noble fir. Our first year of marriage we also got a noble fir but it was quite a sorry tree. It was a typical Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Every time I hear Steven Curtis Chapman's "Christmas is in the Heart" (not sure if that is the right title), I always think of our first Christmas. To make matters worse my Christmas ornaments were stolen from the trunk of our car that year so not only did our tree look really scrawny but it barely had any ornaments on it. One day we came home from church and the poor tree had fallen over. We just had to laugh! But this year it is a different story. Jon found a great tree at Home Depot. He and Josiah picked it out. In Russia we have a fake 3 footer that we put on a little table so that it looks taller so this is quite a nice change for us. Not to mention how great it smells.


Melissa said...

yay! we get our trees from hd too every year! cant beat a real tree!!

The Chau Family said...

wow that tree takes up half the livingroom! Josiah looks very proud of his purchase :). What a blessing to have a real tree to celebrate Christmas! We had to opt. for a narrow fake tree this year since Pathway uses our livingroom every Sunday.