Friday, December 19, 2008

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Jon and I were able to get away for the whole weekend without our two boys. We have not done anything like this since I was pregnant with Josiah. We stayed in Three Rivers, California at a bed and breakfast called the Log House Lodge. The owners actually go to our church and as a part of their ministry to missionaries and current Master's Seminary students they do not charge for the stay. We had a wonderful time. It was really weird and quiet being without our two boys but they were in great hands since our dear friends Keith and Rita Smith took care of them for us.

The Log House Lodge Bed and Breakfast

Kaweah River

Me in our room.

Our room.

Cute German candy shop in town.


Melissa said...

wow that looks like such a charming place! how great that you were able to get away!!

Cori said...

How fun does that look!?
I would love to go to a B&B with Jay!
Going on those solo trips are a bit harder to take these days :)

Andrea said...

Kempiz and I really enjoyed our time there back in August. I'm glad that you were able to stay up there.