Monday, March 16, 2009

20 months

Nathan at 20 months. Samara, Russia

Josiah at 20 months. Novosibirsk, Russia

It is so funny how different Josiah and Nathan are. As a parent you forget so quickly what your children were like when they were younger. I was just looking at some video and pictures of Josiah at 20 months and realize how different the two boys are. Some examples are how much Josiah loved watching movies at this age and Nathan can't stay seated for more than 5 minutes. Josiah was still pretty clumsy walking at this age and Nathan is running sprints up and down the hall. Josiah had absolutely no fear of the vacuum cleaner while Nathan sees the vacuum and freaks out. Josiah's speech at 20 months.........well it was limited to 4-5 words while Nathan repeats everything, already has quite a vocab, and today he has become interested in counting. So much fun watching our boys grow.


rick said...

Isn't that crazy, how kids from the same gene pool can turn out so differently? It's so fun!

The Chau Family said...

oh, the batman outfit is way too cute! BTW - just finished reading your monthly newsletter. what type of eye surgery is J having? Lydia has some problems with her eyes too.

Melissa said...

i love the curly hair!!

Natalie said...

Melissa, we have no idea where the curly hair comes from. Jon wants to buzz his hair but I don't want to.

Rick, I totally didn't know how to phrase what you just wrote but that is exactly what I wanted to say.

Anonymous said...

Jojo was sooooooo cute, Nat!!!!!!!