Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day

It was real nice being in the States for Mother's Day. In Russia Mother's Day is not celebrated. Ever year Jon does his very best to make it "feel" special for me on Mother's Day. This year he showed me how much he and the boys appreciate me by giving me a chick flick I've been wanting and a gift certificate to a spa. I couldn't believe it. The best part about the spa gift is that it really is a double whammy because that means I get to go out and spend a few hours away from everything and get a great massage and facial. We spent the evening at my oldest sister's house with a BBQ and lots of great fun and laughs.

Trying to get a good shot with my mother-in-law and the boys. Nathan is pretty uncooperative for pictures nowadays.

The two mom Maria and Jon's mom Judy! Judy is here visiting for a couple of weeks so I know that this Mother's Day was special for her too.


By the Brook said...

Enjoyed catching up. You do a great job!

Cori said...

Glad your Mothers day was so great! :)