Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bunk Bed

It's finally happened. Nathan has grown up and is now sleeping in a big boy bed which means Josiah had to graduate to the top bunk. Josiah was a bit hesitant at first but now he loves it. Nathan gave us an awful time with the transition into a bed. The first few nights he would just walk out of the room. You can bet we put an end to that. He still isn't 100% sure about the bed thing but that's the way it is. A couple of advantages to both of them being on the bunk bed..........we got our living room back. Nathan used to sleep in the living room at night so when Nathan went to bed we pretty much had to retire to our room or the kitchen. The other advantage is that the boy's room now has more space in it since the play pen is gone. Overall we are happy with the change.

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Cori said...

Oh I bet they will have a blast! I am so not ready for Luke to be out of the crib. I am gonna hold on as long as I can! He loves his crib and has not tried to get out yet. Here's hoping it stays that way!