Monday, September 14, 2009

Gotta' Love Skype!

A couple of weeks ago we finally got on Skype with Jon's brother Jay in Texas. Unfortunately the cousins don't really get to see each other. Jojo and Kate (his cousin) have only seen each other twice. We also haven't been able to see each other's youngest child. Josiah still loves to talk about them though. As you can imagine it was a real treat for him to chat with his cousins. Jay and Jon really didn't get to talk too much because the kids were being so silly.

Here's Miss Kate dressing up for the occasion. She is all GIRL!!

Woody got in on the action too. Jay told us that Toy Story 3 is coming out next year.......we can't wait!

Jon is showing them Russia's top of the line Volga car model.

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Cori said...

SIlly overload!!! What I think is funny is that we where both taking pics! Ha! Kate always wants to "talk" to people on the computer! :) They had a blast!