Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Our big boy is 6 years old now!!! We like to extend our birthday celebrations. This is the day before Josiahs birthday, August 29. We went to a church picnic that day and decided to celebrate with just our little family. We have to bring presents for the kids from the States since toys here are so expensive and sometimes so poorly made. Other times we can't find the exact things that the boys like either. We also brought along Grandma Judy's gift. Josiah has been talking about his birthday for a long time now. We will have his birthday on the 12th of September and celebrate with the team...........which will include a total of 11 kids!!

Getting ready to blow out his birthday candle on the cupcake.

Grandma Judy got him a cool Star Wars t-shirt and towel. Josiah plans on wearing the t-shirt for his Star Wars theme birthday party.

We gave him this clone trooper hat and the Clone Wars television series (which we have all seen a bazillion times already).

Daddy with the birthday boy.

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The Chau Family said...

Wow! 6 already? Hard to believe. He looks so much like his daddy. Sounds like he's got the Star Wars thing down w/ all the gifts :). Hope he has a great time w/ all his friends! 11 kids for a party - you're brave :).