Friday, October 2, 2009

Bed Contents

Since Josiah has started sleeping on the top bunk he has slowly accumulated "treasures" to sleep with. Jon had to put his foot down and tell him no more.
Let's start from left to right : his pillow, Nemo, Mickey Mouse, a plastic magnifying glass, 6 of his Star Wars Galactic Heroes figures, Woody, the Pooh Bear he has had since 2 months, a blue pillow he took from my bed, a pillow that Jon's grandma made for Jon when he was a little boy, a "softy" that I bought intended for Nathan which Nathan rejected and so Josiah made it his own (he covers Nemo, Mickey,Pooh, and Woody with it), his Pooh Bear blanket made by his great aunt Carolyn, and a quilt that he stole from our sofa!!!

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Melissa said...

that is hilarious!!