Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Picture: Take One

Last year, Grace Community Church produced a missionary calendar so that members could have a reminder to be praying for their missionaries. This year we were told by Outreach to get a family picture ready because they plan on doing the same thing for next year! This is really exciting but not so exciting trying to capture that perfect picture. For one thing, I highly recommend that you don't try to get a good picture right before leaving for church. I also recommend that if you are running late for church already that you do not attempt this either. For some reason both boys get super silly when we try to get a picture. You think that Josiah would cooperate now that he is older but actually it is worse that he is older. He knows exactly what to do to push our buttons. Nathan just copies everything he does. It is also not recommended that you have a friend take your pictures while at church, even though this helps to keep you accountable from blowing up at your children, you can find yourself threatening them with their lives.....of course not out loud but in a strict whisper. We finally did get a decent picture even though we weren't totally happy with it but it will have to do.

I was having fun on Picnik editing these pictures. I am not super crazy about editing pictures because sometimes I think people get a little out of hand but I had some extra time so I thought I would give it a try.

Self-timer pictures take forever. My husband, the perfectionist, always likes to test the pictures out first. Let's just say that for the sake of our marriage I better not make any more comments about this one.


Melissa said...

sooooo funny! they're such cute pictures though! and i like the picnik effects!

By the Brook said...

Gorgeous family!