Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunriver, Oregon

This is our second time in Sunriver.  One of our supporting churches puts us up in a condominium and provides a whole week for some R & R!  This year we brought my mom along.  I don't know when the last time was that she took a vacation.  I know that over 11 years ago she took time off but that was to go on a short term missions trip.  I only had one rule for her the whole week......she wasn't allowed to do anything.  I know the kids really enjoyed spending time with her and she did likewise.

Sunriver is like a retirement and resort community.
A lot of the homes and condos look like this.  This
is the condo we stayed in.  Despite the monster size
mosquitoes, we enjoyed a few meals out on the deck.

The community pool which was right out the back door of the 
condo.  There are also two huge swimming pools located nearby
for the whole little town of Sunriver.

The dining and living room areas.  I brought my scrapbooking 
supplies so I was able to work on a few layouts.  My mom did
a lot of knitting.

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