Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bye Bye Bo-Bo

Nathan saw the dentist for the first time this summer.  And I knew what he was going to say "Get rid of that pacifier"!  Actually since Nay- nay was 2 he has only been allowed to have his bo-bo when he naps and when he sleeps at night.  I knew Dr. Lee was going to scold me but he was honest and said he let his eldest daughter suck her thumb until she was 8 and that he totally understood me.  So, one of the many goals I had when we returned to Samara was to get rid of it.  I waited of course until we were all acclimated to the time change and 3 weeks ago we went cold turkey and got rid of it.  What a traumatizing experience it was.  Nay-nay was mortified.  Jojo was pretty upset about it too.   If Jon had not been home, I think I would have started bawling also.  I know that in the long run it was the best thing but saying bye bye to his bo-bo was saying bye bye to our baby Nay-nay.

We let him cut it up.  We thought this would make the process easier.

Awww, he looks so happy here......saying goodbye to his paci!!

The two weeks that followed were awful.  Nathan wouldn't fall 
asleep before 10, sometimes 11.  Every morning he cried for his
bo-bo.  I almost caved in a couple times and gave him the one I
hid in the fridge but I remained strong.  Just this past week he has
been able to fall asleep quickly and doesn't even ask for his bo-bo
I thought it was going to be an easy process because Jojo didn't 
even cry one peep when we took his away, but Jon quickly reminded
me how different the two boys are!

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The Nordstroms said...

Natalie - I feel your pain! Our Nathan was "5"! before he was completely paci free & it was a hard adjustment. I too almost caved that 1st week! Nathan turned 7 in Jan.
Praise God for the good news about your 3 yr. visa!