Sunday, December 19, 2010

One of those moments!

This morning I had one of those movie moments where the actress is tearing through her purse in a frantic search for something, she can't find it and then moves on to a closet and throws everything on the floor.  Well, that was me this morning.  I thought I lost my passport.  For one who lives overseas their passport is their life.  This past Tuesday I went shopping and put my passport in my brown purse but forgot to take it out when I returned home.  Today, I took my brown purse to church and couldn't find my passport.  I thought for sure it was stolen or that I lost it at the mall.  I was totally hysterical, nauseous, and crying.  Jon on the other hand was as cool as a cucumber.  For a brief second I thought he took it to teach me a lesson but that wasn't the case.  As I was searching through my stack of purses a light bulb went on...................I remembered that I switched my brown purse to a more secure black purse at the last moment on Tuesday.  And lo and behold my passport was safely tucked inside the secure pocket of my black purse.  Praise God and we only arrived to church a few minutes late after the fiasco. 


Mrs. Dan said...

Oh wow Natalie. What an adrenaline rush!!!!!! I'm glad you found it. I'm forever misplacing stuff. ((hugs))

Natalie said...

It was pretty crazy Adrienne! Praise God I found out otherwise I would have been in big trouble!!!