Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365

I thoroughly enjoyed doing project 365!  It was quite a challenge having to take a picture every single day.  I have to confess that I still find myself scrambling for my camera to take my picture of the day and then realize that I'm not doing the project any longer.  And in all honesty it is sort of a relief that it is over.  I think out of the 365 days I forgot to take a picture once or twice.  A handful of times the pictures were taken by my husband and I chose to use those simply because his picture was more interesting than mine!

So what will I do this year?  My sister and I have actually started a blog.  You can check it out over here.  The idea is pretty basic.  Each week we pick a theme and we take a picture according to our own interpretation.  We don't tell each other what we are going to photograph so it is kind of fun seeing what my sister has photographed.  We named our blog "From the Valley to the Volga".  She's living in the San Fernando valley and I'm in Samara,Russia which sits on the Volga River. 

Check it out!!!


Ben and Melissa James said...

Hey Natalie! I really enjoyed your 365 project so I'm looking forward to your new blog!

Natalie said...

Thanks Melissa!!! It was great fun doing it. Maybe you should try it?