Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Year!

Tuesday was my birthday and as always Jon did his best to make me feel special on "my" day. 

When I woke up there was a gift waiting for
me on the kitchen table and when the boys
woke up there was another gift in their room
that they brought out to me.  It was really 
sweet and as you can see in this picture
they had just woken up but were so eager 
to get the gift to me. 
Then it was just a typical,
schooling, cooking, etc!

I made dinner and Jon brought home my favorite cake!  We then 
had our family time and the boys went around the table sharing
nice things about me.  We kinda had a rough day on my birthday
with some discipline issues, and lack of interest from Jojo in school, I said it was a typical day.  I lost it a couple of times
and when Naynay shared something about me he said that "mommy 
got upset today but then she said sorry".  Yep, nothing like the little one
to keep me humble!

Then Christina and Zhenya showed up!  Christina made tiramisu.....
which is one of my favorite desserts ever!  She said it took her two 
days and it was absolutely delicious.  One of the best ones Jon and
I have tasted.

And she gave me this real cool container for our teas!  Love it!

Then we all played the Wii because Jojo said that's what I wanted
to do for my birthday!  Really?  That's ok, as I get older I'm realizing
that my birthdays don't really have anything to do with me and that's 
fine by me!

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