Monday, February 28, 2011

Daddy's Back

Jon has been in Omsk the last few days and we've all missed him.  He will leave again this Wednesday for California so we will be missing him again.  Jojo thought it would be a good idea to have cinnamon rolls waiting for him when he got back this morning. 
While he was gone I thought a lot about single moms and how hard it must be for them.  I only have to do without Jon for a few days or a couple of weeks but single moms never get a break.  Usually by the time Jon gets home from work I am pretty tired of having to deal with the boys fighting or whining.  He takes over since he's boss #1.  I have to confess though that I do enjoy the solitude when Jon's gone but things just aren't the same without him and I'm so glad he's back even if it's just for a day and a half.

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By the Brook said...

Bied was also saying he doesn't know how single parents do it. I am without him for 11 days while he is at SC too.