Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We usually don't celebrate Valentine's Day in our family but since Jon and the boys have been pretty sick lately I thought that I would make Valentine's Day a little special.  The holiday in Russia has only gotten a little popular in the past few years.  You can find Valentine decor here and there but nothing like the States!

The boys kept asking who was coming over for dinner because the
table was set up "fancy".  Dinner consisted of broiled honey lemon
chicken, broccoli salad (Jon's favorite), crab salad (Jojo and Naynay's
favorite), parmesan garlic potatoes (we all love it), and heart shaped
toast.  Oh and can't forget the Crystal Light fruit punch.

My Sweet Valentine and son.

And for the piece de resistance (to be read in a French accent).....
chocolate gooey cakes! 

I also bought Jon a box of chocolates, I made a frame, and got 
him a cute card.....all in efforts to cheer him up a bit!

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Melissa said...

i just saw a recipe for those gooey cakes. they look super yummy. where did you get your recipe? did you like it? if so, send it to me :)