Monday, June 20, 2011

He's Everything My Dad Wasn't

It wasn't until I got married and had children that I had a real reason to celebrate Father's Day.  I often tell my family and friends that I really don't deserve being married to the man God gave me but my two boys surely deserve him!  It has been several years since I have seen or talked to my own father and I don't carry any grudges or hatred towards him.  I trust in a God who is completely sovereign over every single event of my life and that even includes being raised in a home where my father was physically and verbally abusive towards my mother and his 3 daughters.  For many who have lived in a home like I have, Father's Day is probably a day not to be celebrated but I am more than happy to celebrate because God has given me a husband who is everything that my dad wasn't.

  Spiritual Leader
My husband is a Godly man who leads his two boys spiritually.  First of all he leads by example and most mornings the boys will find daddy sitting at his desk or at the kitchen table reading his Bible. After dinner he leads our family devotions through prayer, worship, scripture memorization,and reading from a children's Bible book.  

Have you ever seen the mama gorilla at the zoo who has a little baby on her back picking at her, swinging off her arm, jumping on her and so forth?  The mama gorilla doesn't even husband is the same way.  I always tell him he has the patience of a mama gorilla. By the time he gets home my patience has been exhausted and thankfully he has more than enough patience to deal with me and the boys.

 He Says  "I Love You "
I can guarantee you that my boys have no doubt of their father's love for them.  Not a day goes by without my husband assuring our boys of his complete and unconditional love.  Hearing my husband tell one of the boys "I love you" warms heart every single time.  I have absolute no recollection of my father ever telling me he loved me.................not a one!

 He Loves Me
Not only are my boys sure of their father's love for them but they completely trust and know that daddy loves mommy.  I think this is one of the best legacies a father can leave behind for their children.  Divorce is prevalent in our society nowadays and it has even permeated the church but the boys know that their parents won't go down that path.  I trust that one day both of our boys will be able to look back at their daddy's example of loving his wife as Christ loved the church and model that in their own marriages.


Scott said...

Great Post. Thanking God for the example in Jon. And Thanking God for your openness concerning your own Father, Natalie, and how even so because of the Husband God has given, you can and do yet celebrate Father's Day. This to is exemplar and full of hope and peace. What grace God has given!

Susan said...

Beautiful.... :)

Mrs. Beaver said...

How wonderful that we have a healing Saviour, and that He has brought healing in to your life through Jon. What a legacy Jon is passing on to his great, great grandchildren.

Thank you both for honoring God's glorious institution of marriage. Thank you for openly vowing to never divorce. Your blog has many young readers, Natalie, and they need hope that marriage can be "'til death do you part."

We're honored to have both of you as friends.