Monday, July 11, 2011

Toliatti Part 2

While we waited for daddy to finish talking and meeting people the boys and I headed to the car to have some snacks and to hang out. 

Nathan managed to touch every single button and knob in the car.
He even turned on the seat warmers so when the car started Jon's
seat was quite warm.  

Jojo acting a bit delirious!
The pretty flowers in the church's garden.

Jon gave us all a fair warning about 
the bathrooms.  He said they had
squatty potties, but since he had never
been in the women's bathroom little did
he know about the toilets in there!  I
guess the men get to deal with the other!

This is the little area where you wash hands, but I had to take
a picture because I thought it was so pretty.

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