Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrating Jojo's Birthday

Josiah's birthday was last Tuesday and we all took the day off to celebrate.  One of the things to do on my list this summer was to go on a little cruise on the Volga River and Jon thought it would be fun to do this on his birthday so off we went to the port and hopped on a boat.

There are some huge homes on the banks of the Volga.  

After the boat ride we ate lunch at KFC.  In the same mall where 
the KFC is, there is also a little Baskin Robbins.  I am always
checking the Baskin Robbins here to see if they have Jojo's
favorite ice cream - Rocky Road.............they never have it but
on this very special day they actually had a fresh tub of Rocky
Road ice cream.  I almost started crying.  Often times I feel
so bad because there are "things" the kids want but we just 
can't find here, even something as simple as Rocky Road is
totally impossible to find but not this day!  

After Baskin Robbins we went and picked up Jojo's favorite 
cake to celebrate back home but as we were headed back
to our apartment we saw the Moorhead kids playing 
outside so the boys played for a while with their buds.
 Then we came inside, had cake, and Jojo got to open his
present.  We'll celebrate soon with our team this weekend.


Mrs. Dan said...

Happy Birthday JoJo!!!!! Yeah for Rocky Road ice cream at BR! :)

Melissa said...

happy birthday jojo!!!! that cruise looks like SO much fun!! that house on the volga was huge.