Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Last night Jojo and I had a conversation about H-E- double hockey sticks.  We were talking about heaven at first.  He asked me if he would be able to see Jesus in heaven and if he would also meet Jesus' disciples.  He then wondered if the disciples were going to share all their "stories" with him about what it was like when Jesus was with them.  He also reminded me that only people who love Jesus and know Jesus go to heaven to which I wholeheartedly agreed.  Then his little face began to change and his eyes got real serious and he asked "Where do people go who don't love Jesus?" Since he was in bed already, I didn't necessarily want to go into detail about hell.  First of all I don't know if he can totally grasp the idea of eternal punishment since he can't even grasp the idea of eternity in heaven.  Secondly, I didn't want to scare him.  And lastly, I didn't want to scare him into a false profession of Christ.  I simply told him they go to hell where they will have to suffer and that one day Satan will also be sent there.  He then asked if they will have a chance to change their mind and then go to heaven .  I told him no and that made him sad.  We continued to talk about heaven and Jesus.......and then he was ready to go to sleep!

Today I've been thinking about our conversation a lot.  I wonder at what age most parents tell their children about hell?  Obviously it depends on the child's maturity . I also realized that all of the children Bible story books that we have never mention the topic of hell. I can't even remember when I first learned about hell.  I do remember being terrified of hell and praying a "prayer" every night so that I wouldn't go there!  As a child I used to have nightmares of me falling into a pit of fire but even that wasn't enough for me to truly repent!  All I know is that these kinds of conversations cause me to examine my own life!  Am I being a good testimony to my sons?  Is my life leading them to Christ?  Am I being faithful to train them in the Lord in every single aspect of their lives?  And am I daily pleading with the Lord to save both of my sons one day!?


Melissa said...

i remember every sunday praying to "let jesus come into my heart" so that i wouldn't go to hell!

Anonymous said...

I used to worry very much for my kids.

I started seeing that Jesus IS the savior of the World..the whole world.

There will be punishment for the disobedient and unbelieving for sure, but in the end..all will be well.

"For it pleased the Father that in Him should all fulness dwell, and, having made peace through the blood of His cross, by Him to reconcile all things unto Himself, by Him, I say, whether they be things in earth or in heaven" (Colossians 1:19-20).

By the Brook said...

WOW! I worry too. We just have to be faithful to share the truth of the gospel whenever we can with our kids. Faithful prayer that God would open their eyes to their sin and their need of His forgiveness.