Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Countdown: 2011 Christmas Ornament

The first year Jon and I were married, a friend of mine gave us a "First Year Together" ornament (from Hallmark). It is one of my favorites and just looking at the ornament brings back a flood of memories for me. That first year that we were married I had all my ornaments stolen out of the trunk of my car. I was devastated.........all of the ornaments I made as a child were stolen along with angel ornaments I started collecting as a teenager. Even writing about it still makes me a bit emotional. I remember crying about it for days. I'm pretty sentimental and hoped to pass on those homemade ornaments to my own children one day. I actually remember receiving a lot of ornaments from friends and family that year to make up for the loss. Since then, we've purchased one special ornament per year. Usually the ornament is related to somewhere special we have been or something special that happened that year such as the birth of our boys. Since we used to return to the States every summer, it was easy finding ornaments with the year on it even as early as the summer since most souvenir shops sell Christmas ornaments year round. Well, enter 2011 when we didn't return to the States. For months on end I've been thinking what in the world were we going to buy this year for our annual ornament. Thankfully, on our trip to Moscow I found a beautiful glass ornament of one of the Russian Orthodox churches in the Kremlin that we visited.

I will have to find a gold glittery pen to write the year on the back!

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