Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Kremlin

Jon suggested we take a tour of the Kremlin. Initially we wanted to see the armory museum but the timing just didn't work out. So, instead we did the cathedral tour. It's great because you get to walk inside the Kremlin and you are actually able to see quite a bit behind the red walls!

This is the Assumption Cathedral and it was the country's central place 
of worship. This is also were the Russian Tsars and Emperors were
crowned. It was built in 1475-1479. The ornate door was made
specifically as the entrance to the royals. During these times, the
capital was St. Petersburg so they had to travel quite a bit to get
crowned and make their grand entrance into the cathedral.

This is the Archangel Cathedral built from
1505-1508. It's where the Great Princes,
local Princes, and Tsars are buried.  Too
bad we couldn't take pictures inside!

This is the Annunciation Cathedral buildt
from 1484-1489 and it was the home church
of the Moscow Princes and later of the Russian

The bell tower of Ivan the Great was built throughout
the 16th and 17th centuries. In 1812 as Napoleans
army retreated from Moscow, they blew up the
bell tower but the pillar of the bell tower survived
while the annex connected to it was destroyed. It 
was rebuilt and restored in 1814 to it's original state.

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