Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We are enjoying a white Christmas!  It has been a blessed day celebrating the birth of our Savior. Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year we had to set aside a few traditions. The poor boys were so patient since we didn't open presents until after lunch. By the sounds I hear coming from the living room it seems like they are thoroughly enjoying all their presents!!!
From our family to yours -  Merry Christmas


Susan said...

Merry Christmas Natalie,

I'm in Michigan, no snow here...yet (probably will get our share in January and February)

Hope your New Year is blessed with many joys and good things :)

Melissa Ruth said...

what a BEAUTIFUL family picture!!!

Our Family said...


What an amazing photo of your beautiful family! We miss you! We send our love to all four of you! Thank you for all you do to glorify our glorious Saviour there in Russia!

With much love,
Denise on behalf of the tribe

boletobindas said...

marry christmas from india with love

Jedidja said...

Merry Christmas, you all. What a beautiful photo. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I love your haircut, Natalie, and reading your blog is always an encouragement to me!
Robin Contreras