Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I am so thankful for the opportunities our family has had to travel this past year. I have really enjoyed seeing so many beautiful sites and experiencing such different cultures. This past weekend we had to make a trip to the U.S. embassy in Moscow to renew passports so we took the time to do a little bit of exploring. Moscow is a huge metropolis and very different from Samara. When we lived in Novosibirsk we were told by our neighbors that all the money is in Moscow and now I saw firsthand the truth of that statement.  The city center of Moscow is very European and wealthy! We saw countless of Jaguars, Range Rovers, BMWs, Mercedes Benzs, Porsches,and any other high end vehicle you can think of. Moscow fashion is also up to date with women wearing all the latest trends. Even the babushkee are sophisticated.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon and met our guest outside a McDonalds near a Metro station. Thankfully we were given great directions and were able to get out of the airport via Aeroexpress (a train that takes you into the city center).
 (We saw our first Starbucks in the airport)

On the Aeroexpress and headed to the city center.

The train only heads to one stop........the Beloruskaya train and Metro station. From there we hopped on the metro with 2 suitcases and headed to the Kievskaya Metro station. I am terrified of the Metro
but thankfully I was able to get through many Metro rides throughout the whole weekend!

This is the Beloruskaya train station. It's a gorgeous building.
I'll write another post about the Metro!

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