Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 16 : Egg Rolls and Sweet and Sour Chicken

For New Year's Eve we had a nice Chinese meal. We actually have a pretty decent Chinese restaurant here in Samara which Jon and I usually go to when we go out on our date nights. Not too long ago I found egg roll wrappers at a deli kiosk in the mall and I couldn't wait to put them to use.
My little food critic about to enjoy his
meal. He loved it by the way.

The recipe for the egg rolls can be found here on Pinterest.  And the recipe for the sweet and sour chicken is here.  This is the second time I make the sweet and sour chicken and it is absolutely so easy and delicious. It is a big favorite for our family. The recipes calls for 1/2 cup of vinegar and at first it seems like that is way too much but it really turns out great.

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Jedidja said...

Looks yummy. Perhaps an idea for my kids.