Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Jon and I never really celebrated Valentine's Day but once the boys were born it has been fun to have a "holiday" to look forward to, especially during the harsh winter. The boys think it's a lot of fun and the big Valentine's celebration will take place tomorrow at "auntie" Heather's home where we'll have a fun Valentine's party.

Yesterday we got these mustache lollipops ready. We also made
some with big red lips. These are to pass out with our Valentine
cards tomorrow at the party. The idea came from Family Fun.

 Yesterday, we also had to get all the Valentine
cards ready. Jojo is passing out Star Wars cards.
We can't buy a package of Valentine cards here
in Russia, so Jon's mom usually buys them for
us and mails them to us beforehand.

Today the boys worked hard on making cards for daddy.


 Jojo wrote the following on his card: "I love you daddy. I love
to play the Wii with you".

I made a special dinner : cordon bleu, green beans with sauteed
onions and bacon, and our favorite green salad.

I bought these itty bitty cute plastic drinking glasses and the boys 
had fun drinking from them.

Dessert anyone? Cupcakes or "pupcakes"
as the boys call them.