Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silly Talk

Lately both boys and I have been having some great conversations. They are enthralled about hearing stories from the time they were babies. It's actually been fun for me to think back on all those great memories I keep in the muddled corners of my mind. I've also noticed that for some reason I am able to remember more stories about Jojo than I am about Nathan. Maybe it's because Jojo was my firstborn and all my attention went to him? Or maybe it's because Nathan didn't start sleeping through the night until he was 7 months and I was a walking zombie for all those 7 months!

Father of Lies
We taking lying pretty seriously around here. Yesterday Josiah lied about something but quickly told me the truth (I can't even remember what the lie was). He knows what the consequences are so he quickly confessed and told the truth. Anyway, if the boys tell a lie I always ask the following: "Who is the father of lies?" Josiah knows the answer and he realizes that he doesn't want anything to do with Satan. I think it scares him. Well yesterday I asked that and Nathan heard and answered, "Dad!?" I got a big laugh out of it!

Future Plans
The boys have also been talking about their future lately. Both Nathan and Josiah say they will build a big house so that I can live with them. The other day when Nathan was telling me about those plans,  Josiah told Nathan that he should build a bigger house so that we can all live together. Josiah says he wants 10 children and Nathan wants 9. Nathan says he will name one boy Nathan so that mommy can call him "Baby Nathan", since I am not allowed to call him a baby anymore now that he is a whole 4 years old. As far as career goals go, Josiah wants to work at home on his computer all day, have an ice cream store, or a lemonade stand! 


boletobindas said...
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boletobindas said...

sometimes i visit at your blog and form that i feel that time is going so fast.children are growing..and form India i am watching them....from your words...intresting thing...but true....and childrne plan remind me about my plans when i was in school....a big house, a big busines..become a famous

Natalie said...

Yes, the boys are growing up so fast..........makes me sad but they sure keep me entertained!

Holyriver said...

Nice blog.
Best wishes from Italy.

Natalie said...

Thanks reader from Italy! I hope to make it there one day!!!