Monday, April 30, 2012

Ocean in a Bag

This past weekend Jon had to travel so we invited Jojo's friends over for a sleepover Friday night. They all had a real good time but I got to confess that I was exhausted on Saturday.

Saturday morning after breakfast and some Wii action I had them do a craft. I got the idea from a blogger I follow. You basically draw an underwater scene on the outside of a Ziplock bag with permanent markers. You then fill the inside of the bag with hair gel. We added some little seashells for extra dimension. It was a quick craft and only took about 15 minutes for the kiddos to do but they liked it and had fun.

Isaac (in the middle) didn't know what hair gel was so I put 
some on his hair to show him.

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Kuypers Family said...

Natalie, I am always impressed by the time you put into preparing and executing crafts with your boys! Inspiring!!