Sunday, April 15, 2012

Resurrection Sunday

Today is the day we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord! We had a great time at church. The boys had Sunday School during the regular church service while Jon and I enjoyed some amazing music and two messages. Thankfully I did well in comprehending both messages.......that may be because I didn't have 2 little boys sitting next to me!

On the way home we asked Jojo what Sunday School was all about. He told us they talked about the plagues of the exodus. At first Jon and I were a little confused but it turns out they had a Passover meal.  As the day went on he told me he how he had to take his shoes off to eat the meal and wash his hands in a special bowl. He said he ate meat and celery and drank salty water and grape juice. I'm so thankful that even though he doesn't understand any Russian that he is able to follow along with the lessons he's taught in church.
 My handsome boy!

After lunch we had our egg hunt and the boys got some surprises.

I know that most of my friends and family reading this have
already celebrated Easter last week but our pastor today
reminded us that every single day is a celebration of the 
resurrection of Jesus Christ! Happy Resurrection Day!

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