Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 24 - Hot Cross Buns

I have always wanted to make hot cross buns and today we finally got around to it. Since we are celebrating the resurrection of Christ according to the eastern calendar this year............we got a little head start on Good Friday.

First we watched this little video on you tube and the song was in our heads ALL. DAY. LONG!!!!

Then we read about the meaning of hot cross buns. The boys thought some of the superstitions regarding them were quite silly.

Next we found the recipe I pinned on Pinterest. Hot cross buns are a great lesson in patience........with all the time it takes for them to rise it is about a 4 hour process!
Nathan helping out with the dough......

while Jojo read me the ingredients and directions aloud. 

And here we have hot cross buns! They were yummy!!!
The recipe I used was real simple plus it only makes 12 the time we shared them with our next door
neighbors and friends............we only had 4 left.

Before dinner I rant to the grocery store real quick and lo and 
behold they are selling these Russian Easter cakes. They will be
everywhere now until Sunday!

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