Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Would You Like Some Salad With That Mayonaise?

This past Friday we had our last wives' group for the year. It's been a little tradition where we do a salad lunch and a time for fellowship. A lot of the wives will be returning to their home towns for the summer so it's the last time we'll see them for a few months.

Now, I don't have anything again mayonaise......actually when I was little one of my favorite snacks was toasted bread with mayo spread on it. Furthermore, my mom loves mayo so much she actually will eat it by the spoonful and even though that does make me gag a little, I'm used to large amounts of mayo. Every salad I have eaten here uses mayo as the dressing.............mayonaise is one of the four staples here along with sour cream, dill, and potatoes. It is pretty much guaranteed that one if not all of these four ingredients will greet you at any Russian meal!! So, as you can guess all the salads at our lunch had mayonaise in them and you know what!?  They were all actually pretty good.

Before we ate our lunch though, one of the wives showed us how to make Armenian food! It was lots of fun and the results were delicious.

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Melissa Ruth said...

i love mayo on a sandwich. and that's about it. mayo in any other form absolutely makes me gag. and the thought of it being eaten by the spoonful alone...ickickick!!!! :) thanks for making me gag in my mouth over here :)