Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Annual Souvenir Shopping Trip

Every year the week prior to our departure to the States I take Jojo with me to go souvenir shopping. Unfortunately this year he had some nasal congestion and felt kinda miserable so instead I took Naynay with me. On the way there we took the 205 bus and saw this................
a lady and her two ferrets. Nathan thought the ferrets were so cute. Everyone was staring at them......it was kinda funny! Usually everyone is staring at us.

I like to go buy our souvenirs on Leningradskaya street as there are a few tables that sell decent souvenirs. Nathan wanted to check out this fountain.

There were workers planting some new flowers and making the street look so pretty.

We then walked along Frunze Street to get to a real nice souvenir store and on our way over we stopped to enjoy the beautiful philharmonic building.


Melissa Ruth said...

Did you buy me a souvenir?!? Hasta prontooooooo!!!

Natalie said...

Yes, I bought one of the ferrets from the lady on the bus ;0