Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cherry Trees

It's cherry season here in Samara and we've already indulged in a ton of cherries. Jojo especially loves them. But today on a walk with Nathan I noticed a row of cherry trees on the way to one of the grocery stores. We've lived here several years now and I have never seen cherries on these trees! I was so surprised. What really caught my attention is that people were walking by and just picking the cherries and eating them..............so on the way home Nathan wanted to do the same. He said they were so good!!

Last year I read a book called "The Secret Holocaust Diaries" and it was about a young Ukranian girl who was sent of to a concentration camp but before she was captured she wrote how during the Spring they survived on her grandma's cherries from her cherry orchard. She also said they canned them and made cherry wine which helped feed German soldiers when they invaded their little town. Since I read that book I have looked at cherries differently and walking by those trees today was a reminder of God's goodness to us in His creation.

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Susan said...

They look delicious! :)