Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to any fathers reading this blog. Father's Day has always been a bit rough for me since my father wasn't much of a father. I haven't seen him in years. Jon and the boys have never even seen him. Yet, God in His goodness has provided my boys with the most amazing father any child could ever have. Jon is everything my father wasn't......and I'm so thankful that the boys have such a Godly example to follow after.

Instead of having the boys make cards for Jon, they answered some questions about their daddy. Some of the answers are quite funny:

What is daddy's name? Josiah: Jon  
                                      Nathan: I forget

What does daddy do for fun? J: He goes on dates with mom.
                                               N: He helps us.

What does daddy do at work? J: He helps the church.
                                                N: He works.

What are his favorite things to eat? J: eggs, chicken and salad (Jon is on a high protein diet)
                                                        N: salad

What does he like to drink? J: Diet Coke
                                            N: red juice (no, not red wine but cranberry juice.........he's been drinking
                                                                   a ton of it since he has a kidney stone)

How old is daddy? J: 40
                              N: 6

How tall is daddy? J: very big
                               N: big

What is daddy's hair like? J: long, brown hair
                                          N: like Jojo's hair

How much does he weigh? J: 40 pounds
                                           N: a lot of pounds

What makes daddy the best? J:  he loves us, he loves mom, and he loves the whole family.
                                              N:  he works

What is your favorite thing to do with daddy? J: play Wii with him
                                                                          N: play with him

How long have you known daddy? J: for a long time
                                                        N: 42 days

Where did you and daddy meet? J: in California when I was a baby
                                                    N: at California

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Wayne_Leonie Kuypers said...

This is too cute - great idea!