Saturday, July 28, 2012


My favorite site was Philippi. One of the best things about this ancient ruin is that it wasn't disturbed by any modern buildings. Some facts about Philippi:
-it was the largest and most prominent region in all of Northern Greece
-Caesar turned Philippi into a Roman colony
-Paul was beaten and imprisoned here because he removed a spirit from a slave girl whose owners were using her for a profit

 Jon among the ruins of Philippi!

And here I am amongst the Philippi ruins.

This is the traditional sight of Paul's prison but our tour guide
told us that he believes the actual prison is yet to be excavated.

Here's the theatre........mainly used for plays but was later used for persecuting and killing Christians.
In the center of the stage there is a square opening (now covered) that was used to bring up lions, and other animals via a levee system. It was quite sobering standing where Christians were martyred. 

This is the area where beasts were brought
into and then raised up to the center
of the stage of the theatre.

After our Philippi tour we all had a real yummy lunch!!!

I absolutely love the book of Philippians! Being in Philippi has given me great insight to the book of Philippians and brought the book alive to me.

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